Empire Deluxe Tournament 2022 – Preliminaries

We are nearing the end of the year, and that means it is time for the annual Empire Deluxe Tournament.  This year we have five players who will test their mettle in the game of Empire Deluxe.  We will once again being using the Combined Edition of the game which is the latest version.  We will also be using Tournament Rules for scoring, so just because you can win the game doesn’t mean you will win the tournament.

The Map

Map of Adomaxia, drawn by NadrojDranreb (2019)

This year’s map is Adomaxia which has been placed on EDIBLE and can be downloaded.  It is also available through the in-game map repository.  The map includes 260 cities and 24 nations, which makes it one of our most diverse ever, given that the legacy game limited us to a maximum of 200 cities.  It also features full map wrapping, a feature the players from last year’s tournament believed added an additional tactical element.

The Players

This year, we have five players who qualify for our end of year tournament.  All of them are veterans of past tournaments, making this one of the most experienced as well.  As is our tradition, when you win a tournament you have the option of changing your username to match the name of the nation you led to victory.  In this way, it is possible to track each user back to the country they view as their crowning achievement.  Below are some of the highlights from our participants.


One of the original players.  Dalian is the only player whose nickname represents winning to tournaments with the same country (despite different maps).  While not a fixture in every tournament, Dalian’s presence means the game will focus on diplomacy alongside the game’s famous war focus.


One of the players who joined us from the NOE team.  He is an aggressive player and famous for his perfection of a strategy known as “the slog.”  Despite others having longer tenure with the game, Dyn’s nickname comes from the game where he set the record for most number of set matches in a single tournament.


A relative newcomer to the tournament.  She has quickly become a fierce opponent and someone to watch out for.  She earner her name after playing kingmaker in a past tournament, where she made a name for herself as the one to avoid if you want to win the game.


One of our most experienced players.  He regularly shares is experience with other players and wrote over half of the user’s guide which is posted for players.  In his latest victory, he demonstrated a strategy called “the citadel” which led to him being undefeated during an end of game tournament.


One of the original players and just as experienced as Keiren.  Mar is a tactician who focuses on the end game rather than simply playing out each battle.  He is best known for his ability to win tournaments without actually winning any games in the tournament, a pure points victory.

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