About the EDTC Team

The Empire Deluxe Tournament Championship (EDTC) is ranked tournament that occurs within the Empire Deluxe Tournament. Prior to 2020, the tournament was played on a 1993 copy of Empire Deluxe. Due to the Pandemic, recent games have been played on the latest rendition of empire, known as Empire Deluxe Combined Edition (EDCE). The group plays qualifying matches throughout the year as time permits. However, the grand finale is the two week championship tournament that occurs the last week of December, and the first week of January. The tournament typically sees three to four rounds of scored games, culminating in the crowning of a the Empire Deluxe Champion who will hold the title for the next twelve months.

Aside from the tournament itself, the group sometimes calls itself the “Empire Crew.” We do modding and analysis of the game in our free time. This includes some modding as well as providing guidance to newer players to the franchise. All of these are hosted on a a database called the Empire Deluxe Integrated Builder’s Library and Extensions, or EDIBLE for short. This is hosted on the Worlds of Nations (WoN), due to the maker of WoN also being one of our most prominent members (and the site being easier on the eyes).