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  • Empire Deluxe Tournament 2021 – Finale

    Empire Deluxe Tournament 2021 – Finale

    Congratulations to Mara who has claimed the title of Empire Deluxe Champion for 2021.  After two narrow but well-played victories, and a partial win on our third play-through, he will carry the torch for 2022 until we meet again next December.  In this post, I will show the highlights for our third and final game…

  • Empire Deluxe Tournament 2021 – Game Two

    Empire Deluxe Tournament 2021 – Game Two

    After Mara’s risky win in Game One, we now move into Game Two of our year-end championship.  In Game Two, players opted to include the Capitol Kill victory condition although it was not put to the test due to some expert defensive play.  This game took a day and a half to complete and had…

  • Empire Deluxe Tournament 2021 – Game One

    Empire Deluxe Tournament 2021 – Game One

    After two false starts, Game One of the 2021 Empire Deluxe Tournament Championship is completed.  Two players are effectively tied for first place going into Game Two after a surprising and incredibly risky surgical strike caused our players to declare a cease fire.  Round Two will start later today as our players complete some quality-of-life…